Programmes Programmes

Old Age grant

National Pension Act (Act 10 of 1992) to pay-out pension grants.The Ministry is mandated to remit an Old Age Grant to those that attained the age of 60 years; regardless of their employment status.

The number of beneficiaries currently stands at 164 832, which is 93.69% coverage of the old age population. Each beneficiary receiving an amount of N$1200.00 per month.




Disability grant

Disability Grant to those that reached the age of 16 years and have been   certified   as disabled by a State Medical Officer. Beneficiaries are receiving the same amount as   that of the  elderly grant (N$1200). The number of beneficiaries currently stands at   39 193   persons, which is 74.20% of the disabled population.


Food Bank.

This programme is aimed at addressing the urban and peri-urban   poverty (inclusive hunger). It distributes food and non food parcels to   persons with an average household income of less than N$400 per   month. A pilot was done in Windhoek and it is   completed.

An assessment is to be done to determine the viability of the program   and the feasibility of possible roll out to other towns. The number of   beneficiaries currently stands at 76   818 persons which translates into   17 879 households.         


MPESW Donation Account

It is account developed to receive financial donations that can be used to address the poverty related issues in Namibia. There are certain criteria attached to it therefore not any person can benefit from it. Some of the projects that can be assisted through the account include:

  • Payment for the construction of shelter for destitute persons.
  • Construction and improvement of sanitations and water supply   facilities for the poor and affected communities.
  • Community projects aimed at alleviating poverty, etc.